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IoT services in cities



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Our company specializes in auditing and implementation of cybersecurity technologies.

We are experts in bringing the experience of hackers to the world of "ethical hacking". From black hat to white hat.

We complete our services with technological alliances that allow us to be up to date in the advances of this industry.

In addition, our products and services are recognized by Incibe, within its catalog of tools for national Cybersecurity..

Indoor location and navigation


Aplicaziones presents in the Spanish market a localization solution, indoor and outdoor, of people and things.

It is based on the developments made by our company during the last years and by the incorporation of alliances with third parties to give a complete solution.

Quality in WiFi networks

Capacity measurements (throughput)

GIS FTTHCandela3

We are leaders in Spain in measuring the quality of WiFi networks. We have our own methodology and instrumentation for the verification of service levels, both in customer facilities and in our own laboratory.

Our instrumentation and measurement protocols (compatible TR-398 from the Broadband Forum) for the verification of WiFi networks have been used to measure service levels (SLA) in thousands of projects throughout the national geography.

So, for example, in the attached graph we can see how the traffic of an AP is reduced depending on the number of WiFi stations connected. The "green" equipment is of better quality.

In the lower left graph we have the traffic in the air by virtual WiFi stations

We have a laboratory in which measurements can be made with our instrumentation (WiFi5 / WiFi6 & WiFi6E) and we also make available to our distributors / customers our portable equipment for field measurements.

See some tests examples in our blog entries