Active Security Deployments for photovoltaic installations


23 February 2023 - We deploy our first Active Security projects in Photovoltaic plants.

Our solution helps to avoid accidents (people running over and/or vehicle collisions), by installing radars in vehicles and the use of bracelets by workers.

The system is configured with two control zones around the vehicles.

  • Protection zone: Allows the warning of nearby personnel (e.g. 20m). The driver of the vehicle is warned by a sign installed in the cab and a siren. The worker is also warned by a vibration of the bracelet.
    This information allows the driver to act with caution and the worker to move away from the area.
  • Alarm zone: configured for close distances (e.g. 10m). The driver is informed with different signage and siren. The worker also receives a strong vibration on the wrist. This can stop the vehicle and avoid an accident.


The radars send incident information to a central system, so that site managers and prevention officers can be informed of how work is progressing.

consola anticolision3

Here are some videos of the installations performed

More information about our Active Security solutions can be found here or by contacting us directly.