Project LOCATE


In recent years, our company has developed a system for locating people indoors through the use of smartphones..

Here you can see the bases of our R&D and some of the projects carried out.

This solution does not need infrastructure for indoor location (it is based on the use of smartphone sensors), however, after multiple projects and contacts with customers has also detected the need to incorporate thelocation of things, also indoors, such as business cards for people or devices (tags) for locating assets.

For these reasons the project "LOCATE" is born now to attend to the location needs of people and things in interiors via the new IoT networks.

In this way we hope to meet the needs of companies and public authorities in the needs of location and integrated management of people / assets in buildings, warehouses, large surfaces and / or large events.


Civil Protection Security Awareness (CPSA)

personal threats

We envision a better and more secure world by bringing the best security practices all around the daily people activities by using our low cost CPSA platform.

We hope with our works we can do our bit to address the security challenges our society faces.

With the Civil Protection Situation Awareness (CPSA) project we have a master plan to make this happen.

  1. We need to develop the enabling technological breakthroughs. We already have been working with GPS denied pedestrian positioning for nearly 4 years. See here our progress. We also have a good knowledge around the ITSM process automation environments from our Data Center background.
  2. We will implement our first platform solution for a very specialized market, the guards security sector. This is the objective for our european Eureka Einnovest Guard Protection Situation Awareness (GPSA) project that was presented the last June at the international Stockholm Venture Forum. With this development it´s possible to improve the complex incident operations and also to increase the guards productivity by reducing costs. This first project success will help us to finance part of the next master plan steps.
  3. Later on we will develop on our platform some vertical professional security application cases. One project we already have defined it´s the european Eurostars Crew Situation Awareness (CSA) project for maritime security.
  4. Finally we will develop customized solutions for the personal and crowd security market. Here we are talking about access control, staff control and so on. This it´s a huge market. We are talking about billions €!

 With the CPSA will move the personal security to the cloud!

Accurate positioning (indoor and outdoor)

Aplicaziones has led the introduction into the Spanish market of tracking and accurate location solutions for people in scenarios with poor or no GPS coverage (GPS denied areas), like in sporting events, tunnels , airports, hospitals and shopping malls.

Already in 2011 we made the first demonstrations of accurate indoor positioning systems for emergency units at Marañosa Institute of Technology (ITM) - R&D institute of the Spanish Ministry of Defense – showing the management of missions in Critical Infrastructures. View press release.

First responders positioning

These solutions, however, are based on a proprietary HW/SW, difficult to adapt to specific customer projects. Some of them required supporting infrastructure to be used as beacons, involving high cost deployments only affordable by few institutions and customers. Given the evolution of microelectronics in recent years, we believe that the development of a new generation of low cost solutions is now possible without the need of supporting infrastructure. This is why Aplicaziones has launched its own R&D project for the development of indoor accurate location solution during 2015.

Crew Situation Awareness (CSA)

This project proposes a novel technology for Crew Situation Awareness (CSA) in the maritime environment. The purpose of CSA is to identify the location of the crew in operational and critical situations on a vessel, usually with a complex lay out to navigate within and where it is critical to identify personnel in hazardous zones during an emergency.
This solution is unique in the industry and we have built an European consortium with the potential resources to develop this market. We think we have a window of opportunity now that there is a growing interest on “the ship of the future” concept which includes addressing better the operational activities and safety crisis situations. In this way we have developed a conservative BC with a payback period around 4 years!
This project was approved to be financed as the 8448 Eureka Eurostars project.

The CSA will be based in several technological breakthroughs and advanced algorithms not yet applied to the ship scenarios.
The system will be composed of:
1. Beacon network
2. End user terminals
3. Control Center



Configuration and Documentation Management System

In recent years there has been a major effort by companies and authorities, to provide the employees of a communications network that will improve productivity at work. However, these communications networks are not always properly documented and sometimes this leads to poor exploitation of its potential, incurring in additional costs on waiting times to register a service or even unnecessary investment. This situation becomes even more critical in cases where such investments in infrastructure are made along several years and different projects, such as plans around data centers, educational centers and hospitals.

Nlyte asset management