About us

Aplicaziones de Telecomunicaciones y Telecontrol, S.A. is a business project around the world of systems integration and communications technologies . We hope to become a partner of our customers and a channel for the creation of value in our industry.

We are a private and independent Spanish company that is the result of the experience of a group of professionals in the telecommunications sector within the Spanish and Latin American market. We offer technological innovation, consulting, engineering, design, implementation and operation of telecommunication networks. Providing solutions with telecommunications technologies that enable our customers to significantly improve their productivity and competitive advantage.

The telecommunications sector behaves cyclically, from speculative ideas, technologies used by a minimum number of user, to turn into consumer products. There is a great innovation, but not all products are successful.

Our industry is constantly changing. The drivers of current growth (broadband and mobile communications) will converge and it is unclear who will have the right technology for this new challenge and what is more intriguing, what will be the operator business model that best capitalize these services. For example, we now have FTTH networks and 4G networks that will allow us a scenario of unlimited bandwidth. But on the other hand new actors appear (OTT: Over The Top) and the new technologies of IoT (Internet of Things). This sector thus offers new opportunities every day.

Also globalization means that customers access technology easier (laboratories are closer and cheaper), facilitating the introduction of these new telecommunications products to other sectors such as Transport, Tourism, Utilities, Defense, Banking and Public Administrations.

In this scenario, our company provides an optimistic look into the future which nowadays can only be made on the basis of profound knowledge, experience and imagination to change the rules, search new solutions and not stem the tide.