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Our company specializes in auditing and implementation of cybersecurity technologies.

We are experts in bringing the experience of hackers to the world of "ethical hacking". From black hat to white hat.

We complete our services with technological alliances that allow us to be up to date in the advances of this industry.

In addition, our products and services are recognized by Incibe, within its catalog of tools for national Cybersecurity..

We work with a dual approach:

  • Protection: Untangle NG Firewall, microfirewall and SD-WAN for business and IoT world

  • Prevention: Secpoint Penetrator for automatic audit (pentesting) and vulnerability detection

Protection: Untangle Next Generation Firewall

It is the solution that eliminates the complexity of cybersecurity - saving time, money and frustration. It gives you everything you need in a simple, modular platform that adjusts to the evolving needs of organizations without the headaches of other solutions based on multiple products.

Its browser-based interface is fast and intuitive. It allows you to generate policies quickly and easily. Then you can analyze and have visibility of what is happening in your network through the reports (most powerful in the market) generated by the database.
Security, knowledge and control: Everything in your hands.

Simple and powerfull
Untangle NG Firewall is an award-winning solution designed to optimize performance, protection, policies and productivity. It is ideal for organizations looking for powerful, cost-effective network security solutions that can address any IT challenge - from small remote offices to schools with multiple campuses to enterprises with distributed organizations.

Complete gateway security
The NG Firewall gives more protection to the gateway in a single solution saving time and money. It traps malware, hacking attempts, phishing machinations and other threats before they reach your users.

In-depth analysis and knowledge
Visualize who's doing what on your network. Assign policies by user, group, device, time and much more. Take advantage of the reports supported by your database for knowledge of everything that is happening, in real time or historical. And all this without the need to use an additional device. Get custom knowledge with dashboards that are adjustable and adaptable to your needs. Share report formats with other members of your organization.

Untangle servicios

New Generation Filtering

Detects fake applications, encrypted web requests, malware distribution points, malvertising attempts and junk spam. NG Firewall allows you to control what your users can access, install and use.

Superior Connectivity and Features
Solve the challenges of teleworking, remote offices and WiFi clients. Keeps users and data secure, regardless of location and level of access. Manages priorities, ensures quality of service (QoS) and maximizes uptime, while saving the organization money, with features not available from competitive NGFW and UTM products.

Different implantation possibilities

implantacionesPublic Cloud

Or even in public clouds such as Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure.

Here you can see a demonstration of the system


Finally, it should be noted that the new microfrewall and SD-WAN solutions for the IoT world have recently been launched on the market.

More information at

Prevention: Secpoint Penetrator

Scanning and penetration assessment tools, which help find vulnerabilities across your entire networkananonimous

  • Network device audit: designed to audit any operating system or network device. It checks if there is any vulnerability in the configuración of the system..
  • WiFi penetration tests WEP, WPA, WPA2 , WPS audit and Man in the Middle (MITM) simulating attacks in real time. These analyses uncover any wireless technology vulnerabilities in order to effectively secure your WiFi..
  • SSL and CMS analysis. Real-time penetration testing and denial of service attacks to check system stability. OWASP security analysis.
  • PCI-DSS and HIPAA analysis to prevent theft of customer data confidenciales Regulatory and regulatory compliance LOPD and RGPD

The following are some of the vulnerabilities that are tested with these tests



The implementation of this instrumentation can be done in cloud environments, virtual machines or devices (appliaces) to be deployed in different locations of the company.




Penetra3Finally, once the verifications have been carried out, a fully customisable report of the results and recommendations to be made is obtained.

With this solution it is possible to deploy different teams, in different customer locations, to perform multiple vulnerability tests, in concurrency, and controlling the entire measurement process centrally. This allows this type of test to be programmed periodically in large companies, so that it can be verified, for example, that the recommendations and actions planned to improve cybersecurity are being followed.

For these jobs we have technical staff specialized in detecting threats and cyber security vulnerabilities. Attached is the Secpoint Gold Partner certificate.

Certificate Authorized Partner 2024

By way of illustration we include a video with the realization of a MITM WiFi attack "Man In The Middle" on two types of WiFi access points. One conventional (like that of the routers of the operators) that does not have any type of defense before this type of attacks and other against an access point prepared to detect these behaviors and anomalies of Mist Systems. The latter also has an artificial intelligence module that makes it easier for the administrator to understand what is happening on their network.

The result is that, after the attack, the hacker can see all the client traffic connected to the conventional WiFi hotspot, with all the risk this can bring with it for the user or company he works for. In the case of Mist Systems' AP, the attack is detected, the hacker's computer is classified as a fake access point and WiFi clients are not allowed to connect to it. In the latter case the hacker does not have access to the data of those users.
The surprising thing is that, to this day, most WiFi access points are still not prepared to prevent this type of MITM attacks..


As a complement to Secpoint products, for this type of work, our company also uses other tools, such as Offensive Security's Kali Linux or Hack5's WiFi PineApple.

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