First trials of R&D project Veloz

January 21, 2016 – Aplicaziones presents the first results of our R&D project “Veloz” tests, conducted in the first weeks of 2016. This project is a positioning and navigation solution based on the use of multiple strategies and algorithms for determining people location in complex scenarios with bad on inexistent GPS coverage.

During these years and after multiple meetings with customers from different markets, we have concluded that one of the keys to success and widespread adoption of accurate location systems is to rely on low-cost hardware. This leads to the need to avoid installing infrastructure supporting the location solution (beacons type). In the same way, the "tag" brought by the user should be affordable. These are the reasons behind the architecture of our solution.

Fiber To The Room: Passive Optical Networks for Hotels

POL Hoteles redes ópticas pasivas

30 June, 2015 -- The concept of Fiber To The Room (FTTR) for Hotels is based on the deployment of a local passive fibre optic network to the rooms or flats, to offer quadruple play services (phone, TV, data and WiFi) but with a drastic reduction in the total cost of ownership.

The fibre optic distribution to the room is done via passive splitters that eliminate intermediate technical rooms and network electronics required in copper/coaxial cabling deployments.

Interview AECIM magazine


1 May, 2015 - Summary of the interview made by the magazine of the Association of Metal Companies of Madrid to the General Manager of Aplicaziones (Mr. José Manuel Cámara Rodriguez).

AECIM: Can you explain what your company does?
AZ: We are a private company (SME), 100% Spanish capital, which is mainly dedicated to telecommunications engineering and consultancy.
Although our company is young, about 10 years old, we have professionals with extensive experience in the sector, both in Spain and in international markets.
During the first years we focused on the markets of telecommunications solutions for Companies and Public Administrations. However, given the looming crisis, 5 years ago we focused on the operator market.
At the moment, we are one of the leading FTTH (Fiber To The Home) engineering companies in Spain and we collaborate in the Fibre Optic deployments that the major operators are carrying out throughout the country.