WiFi 5 vs WiFi6 real benchmarking

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February 11, 2022 - After our work last month comparing two inexpensive WiFi6 routers, this month we conducted a study between these two devices and the Netgear Nighthawk X4S AC2600 R7800, one of the best WiFi5 (wave 2) devices on the market.

The objective is to compare WiFi6 equipment that is now worth €40 or €80, with a high-performance WiFi5 equipment and although it has already been discontinued, it can still be found for more than €200 in some internet stores.

Will WiFi6 have improved enough for low-cost equipment to have similar features to last year's high-end WiFi5?

In this article we answer this question.

TR398 testing of low-cost WiFi6 routers

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18 January 2022 - In this blog post, we present the results obtained in measuring the performance of low-cost WiFi6 routers, Huawei WiFi AX3 (model WS7100 dual core) and Xiaomi Mi AIoT Router AX3600. These devices represent quite well the alternatives we currently have to migrate to WiFi6 in our residential networks, either under 50€ for the Huawei or under 100€ for the Xiaomi.
These tests have been carried out in the Aplicaziones laboratory in Madrid and using our Candela Technologies instrumentation.

Aplicaziones has extensive experience in this type of work, with projects developed for all types of national and international clients. Now, and given the current situation (post-pandemic and teleworking), we develop a large part of our activities in homes and who more or less has "suffered" with WiFi at home. This report attempts to give a brief summary of what we can achieve by migrating to WiFi6. Here we will compare two low-cost WiFi6 routers and hopefully help you understand how this new technology works, even with low-cost equipment.

The Telecom Infra project focuses on WiFi


26 September 2021 - Telecom Infra Project (TIP), an initiative of most operators and manufacturers to build open communications networks, launched this May the OpenWiFi project, a platform that complements its work on the Open RAN (Radio Access Network) and, according to the organisation, will help service providers deliver seamless roaming and enterprise connectivity.

OpenWiFi is a free and open source unbundled Wi-Fi software system. It includes a cloud controller SDK with open APIs and enterprise-grade access point firmware. The two elements have been designed and validated together.

COVID Gauging Control

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9 May, 2020 - Unfortunately we are going to have to live with COVID-19 for a while, so our company has started to design solutions that can help in the fight against this pandemic.

One of the lines of defence we have is to manage to maintain social distance to avoid the rapid spread of the virus.

To help with this challenge, we have repurposed our IoT sensors to report the occupancy status (capacity) of the building, shop, museum, park, pool or beach (for example).

New Broadband Forum TR-398 standard for WiFi network quality measurement

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4 October, 2019 - The quality of WiFi networks is one of the keys to the satisfaction of users of communications networks. In general, it is the weakest link and the one that causes the most problems, as users always blame their problems on poor WiFi.

Our company has been a pioneer in the Spanish market in measuring the quality of WiFis through the use of instrumentation and test protocols appropriate to each scenario. In this way, these networks can be certified with the guarantee that their performance is assured.