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17 December, 2018 - Those of us with a few years behind us have been talking about smart buildings and home automation for a long time.
Over the last few decades, advances in electronics, control systems, communications and IT have made it possible to improve performance, reduce operating costs and increase the comfort of our homes/offices.
We have seen, for example, the revolution in structured cabling, ICTs, control systems, smart remotes, the emergence of WiFis and now IoT in buildings.

Cybersecurity for SMEs


2 July, 2018 - We are all increasingly aware of the threats our businesses face in this world of internet and communications. Some are quite well known (viruses, malware, etc.) that depend, more or less, on an uncontrolled use of our PCs. But there are also others that are based on new strategies that take advantage of weaknesses in the operating systems and/or communications routers we have in our offices.

So now it is no longer just a matter of making employees aware not to access unfamiliar websites or open unknown emails. We also have to be prepared for attacks by cybercriminals on our office computers.

How to measure the capacity of WiFi networks

Trafico por estaciones WiFi

3 April, 2017 - Wifi networks have become one of the preferred methods of accessing the internet. Everywhere: at home, in the company, at school, in the hotel, at the stadium, etc. Everywhere we go we expect to find a good WiFi network.

In addition, improvements in access points and user terminals are continually being introduced. So, when designing a WiFi solution, how can we assess whether all these new devices will perform adequately and according to the expected performance? Will the number of users using them affect the quality of services?

What if we could analyse different deployment scenarios before actually doing them physically?

And once WiFi is installed, is the capacity of the network as expected with tens or hundreds of users?

Nlyte leads Gartner's 2016 Magic Quadrant for DCIM

Nlyte Gartner 2016Gartner Magic Quadrant logo

11 October, 2016 - Analysis of Gartner's Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) market report.

In contrast to last year, the situation this year has changed significantly. A consolidation of this sector is taking place, either by acquisitions or by market share.

In the leaders' quadrant Nlyte clearly ranks number one, ahead of Emerson and Schneider.

It seems that Nlyte's strategy, as the only independent DCIM software company, is working and although it is smaller, it can compete with the big data centre (DC) solution providers and beat them. In addition, the acquisition of FieldView has strengthened Nlyte to better compete in the "facilities" part of data centres.

How to save 1 Million Euro on Data Centre maintenance


10 March, 2016 - Some of the companies that are considering using a DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management) are wondering if it is worth the hassle of putting this in place.

Here is a report with a few relevant companies that have answers - in numbers.